I was meant to post this last week, but I have been really busy…

So after trying to clear Alpha V2S or O10S, making PF to clear for almost two weeks. The very kind neighbouring FC, FD, asked me if I wanted to go with them to clear it. It was so nice of them to ask me if I wanted to go, but after making so many PF and still not finding a decent PT to clear it with, I took my chance. It was so nice to go with a PT who knew what they were doing. Some of the FD members had gone to practice with me before a few times, so I guess they knew how close I was to clearing it.

Alphascape V3S

Last week,after finally clearing O10S after the reset, I was finally able to start work on o11S. Now, I have to say, O11N took me a while to get to use to all the turning that Omega (OMG) does. But the first time I went, there was an annoying English speaking tank who clearly didn’t know it was a practice run, and after not getting very far after the first few runs, they must have voted abandon. I think everyone else was surprised because someone said “練習だしょう。。” Then the tank just kept going on a loop, after a wipe, he would instantly countdown and go again. With no time to allow people to talk about what to do. However, he got fed up after a while and said “I need to take a break” “I had fun today” and then just left. I know I have met some horrible English players in the past, but I thought that I was safe, clearly I was wrong.

The next PT  were very helpful and we stayed till the very end trying to practice it. I finally managed to get far, but its being able to keep my rotation going. At one point, People were asking me for buffs, I think a certain point, but it was on CD… So I tried better on the next run. We got rather fun during one point but I think it was down to luck. I remember I died because I ended up in a Magnet AoE on my own, so I was confused and walked off :/ I do plan to go again soon. I want to clear O9S and O10S asap after reset. But I will have to see how that goes lol. The sooner I clear those, the sooner I can work on practising O11S.

Shinryu’s Domain

So I know I made a list a while ago saying I wanted to clear some Shinryu, which is the last Extreme (apart from the Hunt) that I haven’t been to clear yet. Oath and FD members were talking about going Dog farming. I said I wanted to go but I had not cleared Shinryu. So on Saturday, they asked me if I wanted to go. Now I had only been once before summer vacation. I only got as far Jumping off the tail, I think It was and then we wiped. But as it was so long ago, I had forgotten the mechanics. I spent most of the run dead because I was confused. I kind of remembered what to do, but the timing of it all threw me off. I would love to go again to practice, as well as farm the dog. I will just have to see.

Bird and Dog Farming

As well as talks about Dog farming with FD members. Within Oath, we are thinking of farming for the Birds too. I have all the ponies thanks KV’s master and Freah. I did a weekend farm at Susano and Lak Shmi for their Dogs and got them. I made my own PF and it took a few goes to try and get the mount myself. But having the incentive of getting all the dogs before the next patch is helpful indeed lol.

After this Friday, it is Winter Vacation, so I will have more time to try to do things. Although I am going to Tokyo with Freah for a few days. We have booked our table at Eorzea Cafe, so be on the look out for pics of the food and drinks ^^?



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