After spending a few evenings re-decorating Luca’s house, this is what I have achieved. I went through all of my clutter and moved a lot of things around.

The last time I decorated was back in September. But I last posted Housing back in July. So here is an up-date.

Ground Floor /1階

I didn’t change much on this floor. I added open partitions around the main seating area to give it a more cousy feeling.

I removed the cupboards to make a higher level chilling area. Instead, I placed cushion on the troupe stage to make it more like a reading or games corner.

I also rearranged all my servants lol placeing them around the house or infront of the door to make them more accessable. I out the manor couch where they used to be to make another seating area.

Basement / 地下

This is probably the biggest open space in my house. Everything in this space has moved.

As its getting close to winter in RL, its time to get the Kotatsu out. So I created a space in Japanese style furniture. I even wanted to show a contrast, so I painted them black, with the white staggered shelf. Its a shame you can’t dye the Kotatsu or the tatami mat. I do plan on trying to make something look like a TV, I just need to figure out what to use.

The little Japanese area is where the kitchen used to be. It has now been moved closer to the bedroom area. I also bought two bar counters with 4 stools to section it off a little. I also put more food in the storage so I didn’t have many out.

The second troupe stage has moved over to next to the stairs. I also book the Hingan bookshelves close to the wall so there was another reading area.

Bedroom and Bathroom / ベッドルームとバスルーム

This area hasn’t really changed. I got the halloween decorations from this year’s All Saints Wake event. I also added wall planters around the bath, but I could change it.

After shuffling so many things around and buying new furniture, I really need to save more gil. I also need to increase my gatherer classes so I can gather the high-end items, which sell for a lot on the market board.

So there you have it. If you are on the Belias server, please come and take a look around. I do have a message book, so please also like and leave a message.


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