It feels like forever ago, but after summer vacation, I started to get a Static group together of my English friends on the Belias Server. Yet it proved very difficult to get everyone together to go places. Some members have even left the server and we haven’t been able to try to reform.

This past week has made me realise how much I could really do with a group of friends who go to full party places together. It would really be awesome to find people to practice the current Savage whenever possible. I have been trying to make Party Finders, but my Japanese is still somewhat limited, so I have confused many people who have joined my party. I have even tried to wait via the raid finder, but waiting more than a hour sometimes is ridiculous!

It also sucks that I am a RDM main, so the spots for casters fill s up really quickly and I can’t join most of the parties in the PT finder anyway >.< After completing O9S last night, I have the rest of the week to try and practice O10S but I don’t know if there are many people who are still practising this now :/


It also doesn’t help that I have had a falling out with a fellow FC member and they haven’t logged in for a while. So I don’t have anyone in my FC to help me. So recently I have been thinking about having my main character leave the FC and try to find a bigger FC with more active members so they can help me with practising higher level dungeons or I can help any low level members…. There is still a lot to think about, but I will have to sort it out soon or I will be forever stuck with the raid finder to try and find practice parties for Alpha Savage >.<

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