Its that time of year again, my favourite part of the year: Halloween!!! Its one of the most mystical, magical days of the year.

As soon as the event went Live, it was off to Gridania to go get the cookies to get the two new minions!! Although the rewards are still cute, I am still annoyed we didn’t get a scare emote or something. We got the splash emote for the moonfire event, but not for Halloween?!?!?! I think it was last year when we got the wolf outfit that we went around growling at NPCs to show off how wolfy we can be. So did we not get it this year?? Even though we can buy the wolf gear on the mog station, where is the emote??? I hope we get it next year or I will be writing a letter to Yoshida!!!!!!


After two weeks of practicing everyday, I was finally able to clear O9S last Saturday. It took a while to find a decent party to help me clear it but I successfully had great people join and help me.

If there is one thing that worries me each time I make a party finder, its that someone is going to type a lot of Japanese and shout at me. Although, I haven’t yet in my of my PT finder groups, I still worry I won’t understand.

I was lucky again to find a PT to clear this week, so I can go on to practice O10S. I went twice yesterday. Only because in the first PT, a dps left as soon as we could vote for abandon. Clearly, they didn’t see my ‘This is my first time here’ auto translate message in my comment. But the healers were nice and stayed with me while I set up the PT again. This time I had some really nice people who let me practice till 5 mins were left.

I was doing pretty well, I managed to get through Phase 1 pretty well. At first I was really confused as to where the markings for the AoEs for x or + where. But I soon realized that they are a faint Blue misty markings, so you have to really pay attention to Midgardsormr’s coils and flips. There is still one part I didn’t understand well because the healer was throwing me off and rescuing me at first. But thing for the first x, you can’t go north of the arena. Well I think thats right anyway, I went south the following time and I didn’t die once I got the placement right.

During the practice, I was able to get to the intermission section with the purple markers and Midgardsormr diving across the arena. We even got to the Bulwark exchanges in Phase 3. But that is as far as I have gotten. Which I don’t think is bad for a first proper practice section.

I am glad I finished writing my notes before making the PT finder. It always helps me to write notes for High-end raids. It was also a good confidence boost. This time last year, I pretty much relied on the FC to take me places once Freah had cleared it. Now I am clearing them on my own without the help of my old FC. I guess leaving the FC has, even though I don’t really talk to the members because they don’t seem to care, I feel that now I have more English friends, I have more confidence to do things on my own or at leas ask them for help if I don’t understand anything. In addition, I have been making a PT and going with mostly Japanese speakers, thus forcing me to put my Japanese skills to the test. When I asked to clarify something last night, they seemed to understand me and confirmed for me. So go me!!

I hope to practice again tonight. If I have spare time today, I will write annotations on my notes. So I can hopefully do better when I go again. Wish me luck!!

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