I have been thinking about this a lot recently so here is a list, which will probably get up-dated A LOT!

1. Your main Language is English.

Finding other English speakers on the same server is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

2. Finding a friends.

Similar to above, but finding people to play with is even harder.

3. Finding an FC…..

While might have this easy, I had some real difficulties. I have been in 4 FCs so far…

4. … Making your own FC

So you and your friends decide on making your own small FC. But never seem to be able to expand.

5. Completing Raids

I have been playing FFXIV for over 18 months and I have still yet to complete most of the Savage Raids.

6. Raid Parties

This I have been struggling with a lot recently. I haven’t been able to clear Omega Savage because I can’t find a party.

7. Party Finder

Feeling discriminated because there are a lot of ‘JP only’ parties and no ‘EN only’.

8. Racist Players

I thought that Japanese people were meant to be polite, but wait till you play an MMO! I have been told to die because I was a stupid foreigner. Even yesterday my friend was a WHM, and the tank kept contastly sending ‘Cure’ in the chat, even though the AST healer was shit and not healing, also they refused to raise my friend when she died.

9. Discrimination

If there is one thing I hate the most its when you are a member of a Japanese FC but they clearly think you are an idiot. I might not fully understand your language but thats why I study raids and extremes, so when we go together, I won’t be completely clueless. but that doesn’t mean you can talk down to me. I just want to practice and I need people to help me.

10. Left Behind

In my previous FC, I felt so left behind because members were going to places and clearing them first long before they get around to even thinking about helping me. Thats why I left my previous FC. I had no support from most of the members. I didn’t feel welcome, so I left.

11. Other Foreigners

Its not like everyone is a saint in the game, but I have also had a bad experience with other foreigners in the game who just slagged us off because they knew we understood.

12. Arranging times to go raids

Finding times when everyone to go places is really because RL is a major fact, but still a very important one. However, its finding people who actually want to go to the same places as you in the first place.

13. Macros

Going back to not fully understanding Macros is one thing. But when there are different macros that focus on different parts… yeah, no way in hell am I gonna do everything right.

14. Linkshells

Sure they are great way to connect to fellow players but the most helpful thing is if people REPLY!!! It doesn’t matter what language you use, just say something!!!!

15. Nice players do exist!!

You find some really nice players who are polite but the problem is that they are Japanese and you have a mental block and have no idea how to reply…

16. Constant uncertainty

Where you really wonder if you are doing everyting right in any situation, be it at a dungeon, a raid, an extreme or during a conversation. But its not like you can ask them for help because then you confirmed No.9.

17. Loneliness

Sometimes you just find your character is just left at their house because you want to go places but have no-one to go with.

18. Popularity

Its a loosing battle when not many players really want to practice speaking in English… so you are low on the popularity scale.

19. Change servers?

This has been playing on my mind a fair bit. I wonder if I am having problems with finding friends is because I am on the wrong server… maybe move to a server where there are more English speakers….. but the cost…..

20. Why play at all?

If I am struggling, why am I still playing it all?!?!?! Because…. because…. I wanna play!!!!!!

I am sure there will be more later on, if anyone knows any more, please comment!!!!

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