Its that time again where I fancied a change in my glamours for most of my job classes. It took me while to find something for my Dragoon and Casters. I was constantly looking through Eorzea Collection: Glamours to try to find some ideas. And this time, I decided to upload my own glamours to the website. It was the first time I have ever done something like that. But I will submit more in the future.

Head: Cait Sith Ears

Body: Bonewicca Whisperer’s Jacket

Hands: Star Velvet Long Gloves of Casting

Waist: Scaevan Tassets of Casting

Legs: Rakshasa Tsutsu-hakama of Casting

Feet: Eastern Lady’s Crackows


Head: Bunny Chief Crown

Body: Uraeus Coat

Hands: Thavnairian Armlets

Waist: Omicron Tassets of Healing

Legs: Yasha Hakama of Healing

Feet: Bunny Chief Pumps


Head: Demonic Horns

Body: Chivalric Coat of Fending

Hands: Claws of the Beast

Waist: Ivalician Ark Knight’s Belt

Legs: Ala Mhigan Bottoms of Fending

Feet: Archaeoskin Halfboots


Head: Ivalician Uhlan’s Bandana

Body: Eikon Leather Corselet of Maiming

Hands: Eikon Leather Armguards of Maiming

Waist: Ivalician Uhlan’s Belt

Legs: Velveteen Tights

Feet: High House Boots


Head: Holy Rainbow Scarf of Scouting

Body: Iga Ningi

Hands: Demonic Gloves

Waist: Ivalician Ark Knight’s Belt

Legs: Taoist’s Slops

Feet: High House Boots




Head: Ryumyaku Hachigane of Striking

Body: Pagos Shirt

Hands: Far Eastern Noble’s Armlets

Waist: Ivalician Shikari’s Belt

Legs: Ryumyaku Tsutsu-hakama of Striking

Feet: Eastern Lady’s Crackows




Head: Flat Cap

Body: Anemos Suspenders

Hands: Far Eastern Noble’s Armlets

Waist: Bonewicca Tracker’s Belt

Legs: Demonic Slops

Feet: Demonic Thighboots


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