I know it has been out for over 2 weeks now but this is the first patch I have been able to enjoy the extreme and savage content.

Over the past few months I have been trying to clear most of the Alexander Savage raids. But then people stopped replyin to my messages, so I haven’t been able to try to clear A8S and over. But I don’t mind that so much. It was good practice to see how my skills actually match up with high end raids etc. It was very helpful to practice and test my reaction skills too lol.

Now after completing the few MSQ, I was able to complete the new dungeons pretty easily. Its not like all the markers are new to me so that helps. I do need to go back and get minions from the Lv70 dungeons, but I am not in a rush with that.

As far as all the High End raids go, I am glad to be able to practice them so early on. Before, I felt like I got left behind because of my Japanese level is so low and I felt like my skills were not good enough. This time I have a friend who has helped me a lot with practicing Suzaku Ex and on Wednesday we practice Alpha 1S with fellow English speakers. I was able to pick things up quickly, it just helped that I had written notes last week.

Because of their help on Wednesday, by pure luck on finding a decent party, I was able to clear Suzaku Extreme. I had 1 second left before enrage. But I am still happy with that. I have since got higher gear thanks for Alpha Normal mode, I just need to go to Alpha4 again. Levelling up my gear may take a while. But as long as I focus on my casters and Astrologian, I should be ok.

Last night I was lucky enough to not only get the RDM weapon but I noticed I had friends who happened to be in the party too. So I felt better that there was a higher chance of completing as it was hard to find a better party. My friend, Freah, is still trying to clear Suzaku Ex. but because she can only set it to practice, she keeps getting noobs to the dungeon who don’t understand the mechanics. Or even healers who help heal and even raise.

I am hoping to practice Alpha 1S this weekend. During my last practice, I go as far as the black crystal, which might not seem like its far but we spent the whole hour or so practicing and as its a fight where if you wipe, the section order changes. So I was able to practice all the 4 main sections pretty well. I just need to try again.

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