So after biting the bullet, I would like to announce that I have finally changed my characters name.

As much I liked the name Runa Hyun, I was really just getting bored and felt like my character needed a new lease of life. The only problem with thinking of a new name took a while to figure out. I had always liked the name Luca and its a name I will call my future children if I have any. I feel its also gender -fluid, so it doesn’t matter if I change my character to a male or back to female. The name will not be issue. The surname was a little more tricky. I only got the surname Hyun which is part of my favourite Korean actor’s name “Kim Soo Hyun”.

tcuUsqTThis time I wanted something different and that sounded good with the first name. Freah and I even used the rolled the /random to help pick pages, lines and words in the FFXIV Encyclopaedia but we got words like “victores”, “despite” etc.. Not very good words for surnames. Then we started to look for NPC names to get ideas. Then after a while the name “G’raha Tia”, the cute Miqo’te from the Lv50 Alliance raids. I just needed to change it to sound a little more unique, I had thought about Tián, to give it a touch of a French spin. But you can’t use said characters when you are creating a name. So I thought about using an apostrophe before the n and an a on the end to get Tia’na. It sounded cool and here we are.

Say hello to Luca Tia’na!

That being said, for a short time only, I have also changed my main character into an Au’ra, I used the saved data from that I used for my Sub-character when he was changed into an Au’ra.

Its really strange looking through all the limited clothes options for a male character. I know I have my male Sub-character and I bought a few things off the Mog station for him but considering how many clothes I have for a female character, the selection is so low in comparison. I was browsing through Eorzea Collection to see what clothes look good on a male Au’ra and I have to say..blaaaaaaah I have some major shifting and glamouring to do. Thats if I don’t get annoyed and change back into a female lalafell before then lol.

So anyway… Lets see how this goes for the time being.

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