I have returned!


皆さん、お久しぶり~! あなたの夏休みを楽しんだ?

For me, summer vacation was rather busy. My parents came to stay for three weeks, and they always wanted to go out but I could not handle being out door for longs periods of time during the summer heat, but I think I managed it ok. They left early in the week, which gave me a few days to relax, watch netflix and work on getting my second Anima weapon (for Astrologian).

Just before my vacation time, I was able to log on during the night as I couldn’t sleep much, which meant I could work on my crafters and gatherers. Its just while the Anima gives me something to do, it also reminds me that I need to focus on completing all the beast quests… boring as some of them are (in my opinion anyway), I should get them done.

New semester = change in Glamours

Gear Sets

I have also been messing around with my glamours for my classes, I think my caster and aiming sets are really cute. Maiming and scouting are also cute but as they are so similar for melee’s I kept the Cait Sith ears for them both and altered the main body. I am still working on finding a good striking set but I still have things I change to if needed. My healer set was chosen by Freah who likes the spring dress, so that is what it is now. I haven’t changed my Tank as I think the demon set is rather fitting for the leader of the party haha.

I am sure I will post another update on my glamours LOL. If only I could do like they have on Eorzea Collection where you can see the items used and it links to you the eorzea database, but that is some tricky stuff and very time consuming!

Anyway… TTYL!

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