Healer Guide

Now it is the healers turn for my personal hints and tips. I previously have done a caster guide. This is just my personal opinions, as a healer, is more about observation and predicting what will happen. For healers, you really have to know what skills work best in certain situations.

For this entry, I will be looking at all three healer classes and trying to show that even thought they different job abilities, they are still very similar in attributes. So this will be a rather long entry as I will be summarising their skills and giving as many tips as I can.

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What is a healer?
Mega Heals
Tank Heals
Job Abilities

What is a Healer?

Healers use restorative are backbone of the party with responsibilities of keeping all party members alive and raising those who made a huge mistake of either not knowing the mechanics or pissed them off (LOL… oh come on, you can’t deny that you haven’t done it as a healer).

So here are the main classes;

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:13:54White Mage

I first starting playing FFXIV as a WHM, so I levelled up all the way to the end of Heavensward as this. This is a good class for those who want to be a main healer. This class has all the better healing abilities as it is its main focus. If has some attacks of Stone, Aero and Holy. It has the best Heal over Time (HoT) with not only regen but also both Medica, and their level 70 Skill Plenary Indulgence (which is not a skill I have mastered yet).

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:15:50Scholar

This class is paired with Summoner (the caster class). So it is a lot easier to level this class up with it as skill sets are very similar. This class has two pets or faeries, as they are referred to,n Eos and Selene. They are to help with the two different stances of healing (Eos) and attacking (Selene). The healing abilities are very closely tied in with the aetherflow and if you are able to judge the mechanics well, you can quickly adapt to how to use your aetherflow abilites. They also rely on Aetherflow for most mega heals, so you need to be sure that you have aetherflow active at all times so you don’t go into panic mode.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:16:36Astrologian

This is now my main healer class, as to me, it feels more fun to play. This class has the job abilities of drawing cards to help give boosts to fellow party members. It may seem confusing at first, I know I hated it when I couldn’t understand what to do, but now I love it and I can aid my party as much as I want to.  It is also pretty much a mix of both White Mage and Scholar as skills are based on theirs. With the cards, it makes it a very good healer to help boost party members during battle.

My Hints and Tips


When you start out in any healer class, the first you learn is your main skills. These skills will also increase up to a second level or even a third level if you are a WHM.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:32:40

Cure – WHM

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:32:50

Physick – SCH

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:33:04

Benefic – AST

Using these skills will help heal but it may not always be enough, so you need to really read up on your skills to find out what would be good and when.

Mega Heals

While you have the above skills as your healing abilities you need to use more frequently, there comes a time where you need to do a mega heal ASAP or else the tank or other party members are going to die. So you need a mega heal skill to do just that.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/28 00:57:47

White Mage have Benediction, which restores all of the targets HP. This is probably the best mega heal out of all the Healing classes as it doesn’t have a potency limit. The only downside is, if there are two White mages in a party, and they both use this skill without realise, then one of them has wasted it.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/28 00:57:59

Scholars have Lustrate, which has a potency of 600. This skills is great to use but its downside is that it needs aetherflow to be able to cast it. So you really need to hope that you have timed everything well enough for this to be used.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/28 00:58:19

Astrologians have Essential Dignity, which has the lowest potency of all the three classes but it is increased the lower the HP is. So I guess that is a perk as it is not really limited to only 400 potency.

Tank Heals

For a healer, the most important member of your party is the Tank. If you let your tank die, then chaos will follow. But you have skills that will HoT that are perfect for the tank. Be sure to keep these skills on the tank if you think a tank buster is about to happen, then use these to help save your MP. If you are a Scholar or Astrologian, then you can use your other shields also to help give you extra coverage.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:45:43

For a WHM, its Regen, you maybe be familiar with this as Chocobo’s also have Choco Regen which they will cast on you if you are getting hurt during a fight. Its fairly much the same thing for a WHM. This skill should be kept on the tank as much as you can after the battle has started

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:57:00

For a Scholar, the closest you have its Adloquium. It’s not as good as the other job classes abilities. It is more of a shield but it does heal a little over time, its just not as much as wanted.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:46:45

For AST, its Aspected Benefic. This skill has the effect of regen, so its pretty close to the WHM skill. It is only available when you are in Diurnal sect, so don’t expect it to happen while you are in Nocturnal sect. However, you should still keep it on your tank.


For healers, their shields most useful for when a boss is about to cast a room wide AoE or a split marker AoE appears on a player. Once you can recognise the signs from the markers, the more you can make use of your skills and protect your party.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/28 00:54:41

White Mage have Divine Benison which can only be put on one party member. Before Stormblood, White Mages had Stone Skin, which was a PT shielf but it was scrapped for some unknown reason.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 14:57:18

Scholars have Succor which can be applied to all party members. It has a healing potancy of 150 as well, so you kill two birds with one stone.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 22:10:46

Astrologians have Aspected Helios, which is two different kinds of shields depending on if you are in nocturnal sect or Diurnal sect. If you are in Nocturnal sect, the shield is pretty much the same as Scholar’s shield, which is why it can’t be stacked with Adloquium as it will cancel it out. Yet, if you are in Diurnal sect, it will have the effect of regen and is similar to White Mage’s Medica.


As to help with group party heals, you also have a bubble that you can place to surround party members to help save your MP. Each job has a different style bubble but they pretty much do the same.

NOTE: When it comes to placing your bubble here are somethings to be weary of .

  1. Has your Tank got all the hate of the enemies?
  2. Have Flashed/Unleashed/Overpowered 3 times, to get said hate?
  3. Has your Tank stopped moving?
  4. Pulled all the enemies together?
  5. Is the Boss about to do a Room Wide AoE?
  6. Does it look like party members will be hurt badly?

If it is a yes to all of the above, then you can place your bubble over your party. Never place a bubble while your tank hasn’t stopped moving because if they tank has yet to finish getting the hate, they are likely to move around trying to get them all.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 18:38:30

White Mage’s bubble Asslym has a very large AoE, so it helps to cover not only the MT, but party members behind the boss.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 23:19:31

Scholars have two style of bubbles, Their healer bubble Sacred Soil is a little smaller than that of the White mage, but it can cover the party members well enough.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 18:40:43

The other bubble Shadow Flare is deals damage with a potency of 50 to enemies that are inside the AoE.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 18:41:25

Astrologians again have two different styles of bubbles. Their healer bubble Collective Unconscious is really used during any heavy damage attacks as it also applies a buff on all party members.

Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 18:44:12

The other bubble Earthly Star is a very large AoE that has two stages that you can “burst” at any time. When it does it will deal damage to any enemies within the AoE and heal any party members inside.

Post Battle

When it comes to just before a boss battle, make sure that your party has protect and I know some Scholars and Astrologians will cast their shields (Adloquium and Aspected Helios) just because it starts to ensure everyone is well protected before the Tank starts attacking.

That being said, be careful with timing the casting of regen, I have seen may people cast regen just before the tank runs in, only to get the hate from the boss instead. You shouldn’t be using any helping abilities before a boss battle anyway.


Runa Hyun 2018/07/27 15:44:06

As a healer you get the option of adding 5 roles to your hotbar. There are some role skills that are vital to a healer:

  • Protect: All healers need this is the key shield for protecting your party.
  • Esuna: vital to help remove debuffs with a blue above them. Get rid of them ASAP or people will slowly die.
  • Swiftcast: If you want to raise people but hate the cast time, swiftcast is your life saver. This will cut away that cast time and you can raise people a lot quicker.

Otherwise, I like for all my healers to have Lucid dreaming, I never rely on other party members to help restore my MP because most of the time, people don’t and are not that nice. Having this role skill allows me to restore MP over time while I can still use abilities.

The last role skill is Largesse, this boosts healing potency by 20%, and to be honest, it might not seem like much, but any boost is worth it!

I have seen people with rescue and eye for an eye, but not that many. They seem more like more specific roles for certain places. Rescue, for example, is a great help for Tsukuyomi when a healer can’t run to the safe zone in time, but the downside is, they must be hurt for it to work.

Job Abilities

White Mage

As I said before, a WHM is the main healer, they also have some of the best HoT skills called Medica, these are skills you should probably use a little more when the timing is right. Of course, you can always ask the main healer in your FC for advice for when they use the skills, but Medica II is perfect for when you know the party is gonna get hit with a Room wide AoE and you don’t want to use up all your MP but individually healing them.


Previously, I mentioned that scholars have a pet. If you are able to use this effectively, the more efficient you will be with healing. Although, the main skills you are get from 60-70. But to help with healing you can link your faerie to the tank and it will heal over time.


You have a set of 6 main cards to choose from. Each card gives a certain boost by 10 or 20% of certain skills. When you get to Level 70, you also gain two more cards with deal either damage or heal.

I will stop here for now. I am sorry it is a very long post but more importantly, I hope you are able to understand it hahaha.

I have only gone over the skills as they are very important for a healer. If you have questions or anything else you want me to talk about, please leave a comment below!

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