Runa's Cottage
Koma’s Cottage Bought 27th May 2018

Over a month ago I decided to buy another small House but in the Mist this time. My retainers’ inventories were getting cluttered and I needed to get rid of things. I was planning on buying a Medium sized plot, but I just wasn’t saving enough gil for that.

Since then, I have been trying to decorate my house in a why I will be happy with it. I know there are many amazing houses out there, I just wanted to create a space that looks ok to me. Its just that it has taken a lot of moving about, spending gil or trying to make something using the 4 crafters I have to level 70.

As you can see it’s not the best designs and I am still messing about with it. Most of the furniture has either been collected by retainers or I have bought from the Market Board. Freah did give me the stage, she made me a sofa and two chairs.

Even though I am still not happy with it, I still managed to somehow get 50 likes.

Freah first pointed out I had 50 likes already but it didn’t click until I checked the FC house. It was just a surprise.

I already have a lot things in my house as you can see in the video but I am sure I would do better if I could make things for the house. Its just that I am always changing my mind on what I want in my house and how I want it set up. I even spent an hour working on the 1st floor last night but I will sort it out more over this long weekend.


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