I have been playing FFXIV for almost 18 months now. After joining a Hardcore FC, I learnt that if I ever wanted to try to complete the old High-end trials, I would need to study a little to understand the mechanics of them so I know what to do.

Thus, I started a notebook just for FFXIV. I would write boss rotations with directions of what to do, then to help fill it up, I started writing notes about Class rotations, especially as a BLM, it was very helpful. I started my second book a few months ago. But I spilt some tea over it and it ruined it (just after I finished writing notes for Tsukuyomi Extreme.

I took this as a sign and decided to make a folder of all my notes. Organising it so its easier to find notes and as its loose leaf, I just put papers in places if needed.

Now I am not saying I am a hardcore player, there are still so many things I have yet to complete. But I like how I can take my time with it and then focus on doing other things for a while. For example, since I have cleared Tsukuyomi Extreme, I have gone 56 times to try and get the mount. But it only dropped 3 times so far. My friend went like 4 times and managed roll a high nigh number and got it. Together, we also used the party finder to try to get the bird mounts from High-End Heavensward trials. She maybe one more than I do.  I just think its great how there isn’t a limit to complete somethings. So we can aim to do something on the weekend and then focusing on other things like levelling up our remaining classes on weekdays.


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