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As a main caster player, I thought it was time to share some of my knowledge with you. Now I won’t be going in to any rotations as there are already so many guides available online. I will be talking about other things in as much detail as I can, with the help of visual aids.

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What is a caster?
Caster Attributes
Gear Sets

What is a caster?

Casters are the magical ranged DPS that can not only deal heavy damage but can also provide support for healers. They are the party members who may get annoyed with long cast times but the damage they do makes up for it.

So let’s look st the caster classes.

runa hyun 2018_06_11 20_36_356530084439669228868..jpgSummoner

To me, this is probably the easiest of the casters. With the help of a well-placed pet, you can deal a fair bit of damage. Sadly, to me if feels like its not as strong as he other casters because the heavy damage skill is dealt by the pet when you cast ‘Akh Morn’. It is a good class for first time casters. But I personally don’t play it that often.

runa hyun 2018_06_11 20_37_108666379084797514471..jpgRed Mage

If you are used to playing a melee DPS, then this is a good class for you. This class is only unlocked once you have started the Stormblood expansion. When you have practiced the rotation, you can deal some serious heavy damage. The pièce de résistance‘ is that, unlike other casters, RDM has two stances: Caster Stance and Melee Stance. Allowing you alter positions and use the mana in your gauge instead of using your MP. Also, you can cut your cast time down of two skills when you have familiarised yourself with all your skills.

runa hyun 2018_06_11 20_35_208856394537715637968..jpgBlack Mage

This is the most static of all the casters due to the long cast times and worrying about the timing of skills. To be a great BLM, you have to be very strategic . Your positioning is important because one of your most valuable skills “Lay Lines” is the key to faster casting. Otherwise, BLM’s are the best critical hit class. Once you have mastered the rotation and have familiarised yourself with all the skills, it’s a powerful class to play. Compared to the other casters that support your healer. BLM’s are the only class that can’t heal or even raise other players.

Caster Attributes

When you have reached the end of ARR, HW or even SB, its always good to add materia to your gear. I know it might be stupid for ARR now, but its helpful when you are going to Raids at the required level. Also, if you are got Extreme trials and Savage Raids, add materia! It will give you the necessary boost to clear it.

There are many ways to add materia, you can either try to meld it on yourself, However, this will require you to have the crafter of the item to lv20 or above. But if you are worried about wasting it, then you can go a Materia Melder in any of the main areas;

runa hyun 2018_06_10 10_08_534655245732730389945..jpg

Materia Melder, Rhalgr’s Reach

Gridana: Rosewood Stalls,
Limsa Lominsa: West Hawkeye Ally,
Ul’dah: Steps of Thal,
Ishgard: The Jeweled Crozier,
Rhalgr’s Reach: Rhalgr’s Reach Aetheryte Plaza,
Kugane: Kogane Dori


ps_messages_20180612_0839101322201777032268675.jpgAlso, most FC houses have the materia melder permit, so you can always go to your FC if its easier. I have one in my house which is easier because I also have the mender and the summoning bell close by.



When it comes to adding materia to your gear, there are some attributes that are important. As I said before, caster’s have a long cast time, so your should try to add “Quicktongue” (spell speed) to your main gear items. “Savage Might” (Determination) is also important to add. For all your jewellery, put “Vitality” on them all. It will give you move HP and it will help your healer as you won’t be dying so easily. I wouldn’t say go crazy with adding these, although I have seen some people maxing out Quicktongue as a RDM, which doesn’t make much sense because it already has quick cast times if you use the rotations.

The one thing to look out for is what attribute has not maxed out? I always go to the Materia Melder first, then go to equipped to check the stats before melding any. That why I don’t waste and cracked clusters on the wrong materia.


The optional attributes are “Savage Aim” (Critical hit) and “Heaven’s eye” (Direct hit). I don’t see any harm in increasing these just to give you a boost. These stats are also listed in the casters stats, so if the main stats are full, then raise these.

Gear Sets

As I have said in previous guides, getting the right gear for you level and class are important. Each class gear has specific stats for the class. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to wear the right gear.

For casters, look for gear that has determination as a key attribute. Its helpful to know the key stat as some clothes are not as clearly marked as others, like the shire gear (Lv60).

When you have capped to the max level, get the gear for Magic “Disciple’s of Magic” or DoM. Getting the highest gear possible is perfect for hardcore players. But it doesn’t hurt to try and get the highest gear possible as a casual player.


As as I said above, positioning is for most classes, but I would say its very important as a caster, especially BLMs.


You will usually find a caster at the back of the part, sometimes with the healers. This is because they have on of the longer ranged attacks. Even more so than the ranged DPS. But its also because their attacks don’t do more damage at the Boss’ flank as well as at the back.


Their positioning is a lot harder to manage because we need to practicing going to dungeons to remember the Boss’ attack rotation to find the best place to attack. This will take a few runs. But don’t be dishartened if it doesn’t always work out.

I say that but I had a horrible time in trying to clear Susano extreme. As a BLM it was hard to find a decent place to stand while avoiding the AoEs. While I was trying not to die, little did I know that I was being voted to be kicked and kicked I was. They were being assholes and kicked me because I was doing less damage than a healer. That was a total jerk move and I never tried to Susano Ex for a over a week.

You can also find videos on Youtube to see where other casters stand if you are really unsure. Each raid and trial are different and there are so many to remember but once you get it, it will all fall into place.


Ok, I am going to leave it there for now, If there is any other information you wish to see, please leave a comment to this post. Also please leave a comment if there is anything you do differently.


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