Glamouring Gear Sets

If there is one thing that I wish I could do more is Glamouring my class gear. Since I have only 4 classes left to get lv70, I have a quiet a lot of sets to already play with. The only difficult thing is find the right items to glamour to.

I have spent a lot of my time recently searching for ideas on what to wear for each class. This meant spending a lot of time searching Eorzea Collection for ideas. Even though its great for ideas, collecting the items might be a different story. There some items I loved for a caster, Plague Bringer’s Coat proved to be very difficult for me to collect. After going at least 5 times in a row each night, for like 3 weeks, I gave up and decided to look for other options. Only a few weeks later did something so frustrating happen……. One of my retainers had collected it from a quick venture….. and then a week later with another one.

If you are someone like who likes to keep a “wardrobe” of gear, then get more than on retainer. I currently have 3 retainers who have mostly gear. Be it lv60 / 70 gear to items I have collected and want to keep for glamouring later on. They all accumulate so be warned!!

 How to get Gear         

Levelling Gear

Runa Hyun 2018/05/17 22:43:24

These items are very easily obtained through dungeons or main story quests. They are also ideal to farm when levelling up new classes. On a personal note, I have found most of the levelling gear is a bit of hit and miss when it comes to style and personal taste. That is probably why I tend to glamour gear whenever I hit every 10 levels.


Side Quest Gear

Runa Hyun 2018/05/17 22:44:52

There are some areas in the game that provide some really cool pieces of gear. The Wolves’ Den has a wide selection and I have collected of items from here to use for glamouring. The other great place to go to is the Gold Saucer.  Another option is to do beast quests. They might not have a lot of items but they do offer dyes for you to buy. Dyes are just as important than getting the items themselves, so its still worth doing them. Of course, with all of these you need to collect different kinds of currencies to be able to use on buying the items. So there is something else to keep you busy in preparation for buying them.

High level Craft Gear

Runa Hyun 2018/05/17 22:42:05

If you are lucky enough to have a level Weaver/Leatherwork/Armorer, or at least know someone who is, then you can obtain gear that is only made with Master recipes. For example, the Taoist gear, Replica Deadwrym gear, Allagan gear etc. These items are usually expensive on the market board, so if you are thinking about leveling up a crafter, then this might nudge you towards levelling them up.


Mog Station

Mog Station Gear Sets

For special gear sets that not many people have due to actually spending money to get them, there is the Mog Station. I am a sucker for collectables and the Mog Station is my alkalies heel. I have spent so much money on buying the outfits but I find that you can get a lot of pieces for the price. Which is perfect using some of the items here and there. Only a few of my classes have the full gear set on, otherwise I do a lot of mix and matching. The perks to buying from the mog station is that the gear is not limited to a job class so you can use them for any of them.


My Current Glamour Sets                  


Runa Hyun 2018/05/16 23:02:42 Head: Star of the Nezha Lady

Body: Yafaemi Jacket of Casting

Hands: Republican Signifer’s Fingerless Gloves

Waist: Ryumyaku Obi of Casting

Legs: Farlander Bottoms of Casting

Feet: Taoist shoes

Runa Hyun 2018/05/16 23:02:42 Head: Carborundum Circlet of Healing

Body: Anemos Suspenders

Hands: Claws of the Beast

Waist: Carborundum Tassets of Healing

Legs: Yafaemi Trousers of Healing

Feet: Far Eastern Beauty’s Boots

Runa Hyun 2018/05/16 23:02:42 Head: Demonic Horns

Body: Demonic Wings

Hands: Far Eastern Noble’s Armlets

Waist: Carborundum Tassets of Fending

Legs: Expeditioner’s Pantalettes

Feet: Demonic Thighboots

Runa Hyun 2018/05/16 23:02:42 Head: Ala Migan Ushanka of Aiming (Hidden)

Body: Taoist’s Shirt

Hands: Bard’s Ringbands

Waist: Ala Mhigan Belt of Aiming

Legs: Taoist’s Slops

Feet: Taoist’s Shoes

Runa Hyun 2018/05/16 23:02:42 Head: Amatsu Hachigane

Body: Ryumyaku Togi of Striking

Hands: Far Eastern Noble’s Armlets

Waist: Ivalician Samurai’s Obi

Legs: Demon Sarouel of Striking

Feet: Void Ark Thighboots of Striking

Runa Hyun 2018/05/16 23:02:42 Head: Ironworks Mask of Scouting (Hidden)

Body: Far Eastern Lady’s Coat

Hands: Far Eastern Noble’s Armlets

Waist: Ironworks Belt of Scouting

Legs: Expeditioner’s Pantalettes

Feet: High House Boots

As you can see from the lists, I tend to use some items more than others. I do also like to keep a colour scheme for each class gear set. Although looking at this, I have three classes that are wearing Black. It is one of my favourite colours, its just I need to change it up a little more. Who knows, I might even dye the Tank gear a dark-red as it would look awesome with a Warriors Inner beast eyes LOL.



In conclusion, don’t be afraid to try glamouring different gear items together. Mix it up and experiment with dyes. I tend to change my glamours every so often to help spice up the game play a little. You will often find me standing near a summoning bell changing items to see what works before glamouring to them. Its not like you will be stuck with the glamour, you can always remove or glamour to something else.  You don’t even have to use glamours for only your gear sets. I have some sets that are just for certain occasions. Such as; beach gear, room-wear gear, special occasions, Songbird gear.  Just give it a try and see how things go.

Runa Hyun 2018/05/17 23:10:54

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