Some changes


Recently, there have been a few changes.

1. I removed Runa’s house

I want to buy a Medium size house in the future and as much as I want to edit her small cottage, I feel I would be spending the money that I could be saving instead. So to help resist temptation, I relinquished the land. I do want to go treasure hunting though lol.

At the time I was also torn with the idea of relocating my character to a different server and you can’t have a house if you want to do so. However, now I am going to make another character on a different server to give me something to do away from the current server I am on.

2. Now Runa is a lalafell

After watching the live letter about the new patch and their adorable lalafell character, I thought I might as well try being a lalafell for a while. I know that Emi is a lalafell too, but I haven’t played that character since I made her. And it changes things up a bit for my main character.


Recently, I feel like I am stuck in a runt with this game. I know that I don’t have every job and class to level 70 yet, but I am lacking motivation. I have been levelling up Dark Knight, Dragoon and Ninja recently. I am aiming to get the rest of the classes to lv 50 and then built up gradually over time.

Last week, I spent two days away from the game and I was nice to just watch netflix and relax after work. I was hoping that come the weekend, I would think of stuff I wanted to do or stuff I needed to catch up with. It kind of worked, I did go to Sigma to get new items and I capped my mendacity. Maybe I should it do it on a weekly basis….

Yet, I would like to enjoy playing the game again, its just I want to go places with people. I want to do stuff with other players. I know everyone is busy doing other things, so I feel like I would be pressuring them into doing something they don’t want to do. I would love to expanding my social circle in the game, its just the language barrier. I know I am probably putting up the barrier myself but I dunno if people actually understand my terrible Japanese.


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