This might be a long rant, but please bare with me…

Relocating House

For a while I have thought about buying a medium sized house for Runa. I love my small cottage in the goblet, but there is a few Medium plots that are available in the same ward. So I was thinking about saving up, though that is going to take a long time to do so. I just feel like a change and I want to be able to show more of the things I have. I guess more space would be good to expand and plan a better looking house.

Whereas, on the other side of the scale… I could just get rid of my house completely and just not have a house. It might encourage me to stop spending money on the mog station. But then it would be a waste to have no where to put all the stuff I actually own lol.

Its just an idea I have been playing with and this is also another option to something else I have seriously been considering lately……

Relocating Servers

I know back in February I posted Foreigner Problems, where I was contemplating changing servers because I am finding it hard to find people to play with. This has not changed, in fact, its gotten worse.

The one friend who I have been playing the game with since I started playing has been playing a more with other people. Don’t get me wrong, its good that they are doing so. At least they are making friends. Its just that I am not doing so great. The friends I have on Belias server are all very closely connected with each other and not with me. I have not been any where with my friends for a while now. So what is the point on staying on a server where I feel like an outcast…??

If I do change servers, I am looking to move to the Masamune server, I already have some friends on that server. It is also a server where there are more English speakers so I might be able to make more friends. Recently, the more I think about changing servers, the more I feel like it is worth doing it. For me, once I move, I will not be moving back. There is really nothing holding me to Belias server. So I might as well just do it. I will have to relinquish my land and some how store all that I have, my inventory is gonna be FULL! LOL At least I bought my 8th retainer last night >.<

Of course, I will only be moving my main character Runa to this server. If I feel that its better, I may move my sub characters over eventually.


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