I can’t believe its been a few weeks since I last posted. I have been preoccupied with work and to be honest, I am not been feeling like playing much. Yet, when I have been playing, I haven’t really been levelling up the remain classes, but instead I have been busy collecting materia, tomestones and other things.

Last week, I finally managed to complete my Anima Black Mage weapon! It has only taken me about a year to actually complete it as there were a lot of other things to distract me. But I don’t know if I would try to get another anima weapon or not. I know that its easier to do now, but when I picked it up it was a lot harder to do and it put me off actually trying to complete it.

Also, after figuring out what else to do, I decided to try and get the Byakko Astrologian weapon. I sadly missed out on the mount though, but I was only able to get the weapon with 10 totems rather than winning the drop. However, I will be going back again soon to try to get another weapon…. maybe the axe as I already have the Paladin weapons, I might as well get the Warrior one.

I do hope to update this blog from now, but if I don’t I am soooooooo sorry!

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