As I am currently levelling up a second tank… yes a second tank!! I have noticed something I never thought would happen… waiting for the duty finder. I can’t say if its just because I am currently level 57, and who really regularly goes to level 51-59 dungeons anyway….

Yet, yesterday I was waiting over 20 mins just to go to the Aery. Usually the duty finder says ‘Adventurer in need (Tank)’. But I have been seeing healers are in need more. I probably just chose the wrong time to finish levelling my warrior lol.

But if there is one thing I feel I did right, that would be levelling up my warrior as my second Tank. My first tank is a Paladin, which is great for me to get use to Tanking and to heal if needed. Even if my friend hates it mwuahaha.

However, there is one set of Dungeon I have never tanked, because I always felt it would be too much pressure… RAIDS! I can heal, DPS no problem, but never tanked because knowing my luck, I would be in Alliance B, not only the alliance but alliances main tank!

So my friend wanted to try Raids.. while I was my warrior and guess what…..

I was in Alliance B!!!!! I main tanked as a warrior. Luckily I was under level 60, so it was fairly easy. But dude, I was kind of shaking as I was not really sure that what I was doing was right. I know that its best to wait for all alliance members to arrive, I hoped my placement was ok… I did, however, only die once during a boss battle. So Its not I totally failed. I dunno if I am gonna keep going back to raids to try and familiarise myself with the tank mechanics… who knows.


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