So I finally decided to level up my samurai. The only thing I have left to do is to practice the openers, although they seem easier than the Monk’s opener… I should really practice that too.

Yesterday, I was working on completing the hunting logs. I have Archer, Marauder, Rouge and lancer left to complete. Archer’s will be easy because I forgot to complete it while levelling up, so as a lv70, its gonna be insta-kills LOL! Although I really know what I want to level up next. I am saving my levequest allowances ready for my crafters as I want to level up my BSM. I was also working on levelling up my Anima weapon, as I am on the last stage, I might as well complete it. I know its still a low level weapon. But I hope they bring out a new version for stormblood. I have the Zenith WHM weapon from ARR. So Having one from all three would be cool.

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