Hot bars

If there is one thing that you need to arrange to suit your own style of game play, and that’s to arrange your hot bars!

So… I play on a PS4 mainly, I have the PC version ready for travelling abroad (yes, I can’t get away from the game for long periods of time.. I am an addict lol). I prefer to play with a controller than with mouse and keyboard, it’s just more convenient for me.

Runa Hyun 2018/04/01 13:51:26

Black Mage Set 1 Hot bar

For my hot bar, I use the extended crossbar so I get 4 more buttons on both sides of the main hot bars. I use them for the special macros and abilities. I put LB there as you have to double tap the L2 button to select the set. Making sure that I don’t actually use it during a fight. These buttons are also shared between all classes. So I don’t have to make the same hot bar for each class.

If there is one thing that I have learnt when it comes to fighting in the game, its that muscle memory is very important. Especially if you have multiple classes in the same categories. As they all have similar abilities, its best to put them in the same position on your Hot bar, so you won’t get confused when changing between the classes. To help with arrange it class hot bar, I recently made a layout plan to help sort them out. As I have recently levelled up two new DPS, it helped to sort out where to put certain skills.


It may take a while to actually get use to the hot bars once you have arranged them. But its handy if you do set them in similar ways.  I know that there maybe some classes that have more certain types of skills than others, but as long as you put the main skills in the same place, it will help.

As you can tell by the picture above, I have different kinds of hot bars for the main 3 roles (Tank, Healer and DPS). This is to help me focus on where to put the skills according to its main role. Especially seeing as I can set each set of 8 skills to be where the main abilities go.

Class Set 1 R2

Paladin, Astrologian and Red Mage Main Abilities Right Side Hot Bars

These three are my main classes for the 3 main roles. I have used these as a base for my layouts. Its easier for me to have them all on the right side as I am right handed. It also means that as L3 is the one to move around, I can use my right hand to use the skills.

Class Set 1 L2

Paladin, Astrologian and Red Mage Sub Abilities Left Side Hot Bars

For the left hand side, I tried to keep this more universal. For example. I keep raise in the same place if the class has the ability (Summoner also has the ability in the same place). I also have similar skills in far left, I have tried to keep a shield skill in this position, but that is only if the class has said ability.

Hotbar Set2

Paladin, Astrologian and Red Mage Class Abilities Hot bars

The second set of hot bars are use for the rest of the class abilities. I have tried to keep the other attack skills for DPS on this hot bar depending on what is still available. For Tank and Healer, the left hand side is used for their other shields, and class focal skills. Although it really does vary depending on what is available. For example, compared to Astrologian, a White Mage doesn’t have that many skills so I have the left side fairly empty.  But for a Scholar, I have the left for the main pet skills and summoning.


It may not look like I have many things out on my hot bar and I have a fair amount of other hot bars on my screenRuna Hyun 2018/04/01 13:33:09

My Screen has a few hot bars around the edge. I have all the classes on the left side of my screen, ready to change into them at any time. I also have my most used emotes on the lower right. My mount hot bar is always above the main hot bar, I have set key commands to this hot bar only so its easy to use.

In general, all of my hot bars are set to either 60% if around the edge of the screen and 80% if they are in the main hot bar area. I do try to keep my screen organised… TRY LOL


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