Everyone, don’t worry, I am still alive! I have just been busy levelling up some classes. I know it might not be much much. But figuring out how to be a good bard and getting use to all the songs and when to play them is really difficult. I am hoping to practice playing as a Bard so I have more options when playing with other parties.

Also, I finally got Goldsmith to level 70 (like literally a few hours ago LOL). This was the first crafting class I picked up as it uses a lot of mining materials. I also managed to get Armorer to level 70 which probably was one of the quickest levelling times I have ever done. Yaay for online guides hahaha. I also tried to get all the classes above 20 for Crafting and over 30 for War. So At least my search info looks better now it shows that I have picked up all the classes.

Next, I plan to level up my Samurai as its the closest to level 70. So it won’t take long for me to fully level it up. It just means that once I have levelled that up, I still need to figure out what class to level up next >.< Oh the choices!!

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