Now I am not talking that famous movie….

I am talking about that magical potion that you use to change your character. It’s an expensive yet wonderful little thing. I have not used them a lot….. or so I like to think.

Throughout playing the game, I have not overly used them, rather sparingly as it so happens. But this gives me the perfect change to show my character throughout her life so far in Eorzea.

In the beginning, was a Highland Hyur, why a Hyur?? I just wanted to make a simple character to start off with. Hyur was at the top of the list, so why not?!

Runa Hyun 2017/02/21

In the beginning, the only thing that really changed was her hairstyles. I just couldn’t find one that I really liked. There really is not that much variety when it comes to hairstyles. It’s also cheaper to change hairstyles than the whole character. So I don’t mind so much.

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The first time I ever used a fantansia on my character was back in June. It was while I was staying up late one weekend. Freah had already used fantansia to change her lalafell character into an Au’ra. I felt a little left out as I hadn’t changed. So after contemplating it for a few hours, I used it to change my Highland, Hyur into…….

Runa Hyun 2017/06/25: Miqo’te

A Keeper of the Moon, Miqo’te. I went for a neutral pale skin first to help ease the transition LOL (really I didn’t want it to be a big change, I just wanted to see if people would notice.

Since June, I have used fantasia on my character a little more, but it was more for changing her skin tone to make her stand out a little more. She went from a pale pink > Lightish Blue > Dark Blue > Pale Blue.

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Now that I have a new race to play as, with different versions of emotes, again, I still couldn’t find a hairstyle that suited the Miqo’te. I have probably changed her hairstyles more as a Miqo’te compared to a Hyur. I just wish they would release more hairstyles soon, the last two new hairstyles were different, but no what I was hoping for. In real life, I love having short hair and I wanted that for my character too. It’s just that they don’t have many short hair styles to choose from.

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If you couldn’t tell, there are some hairstyles I keep going back to. I have tried different colour combinations though, well not that many lol.

Now that is just the evolution of Runa…..

Jak Hyun 2017/07/29 00:53:26

My sub character Jak has gone through some changes as well…

When I started, Jak was very similar to his sister. I matched the skin tones and even the hairstyles (if you couldn’t tell). This was to make it easier for people to recognise it me playing hahaha.

So when Runa would change, I also changed Jak a little to match. His skin tone changed from blue to dark blue

He has also gone through hairstyle changes. I kept them all short because then we can see his cute face LOL

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The only big change about Jak was made last weekend, I had been wanting to change his race for a while.

Jak Hyun 2018/03/06 21:19:29

Jak is now an Au’ra, a very tall Au’ra LOL. It took me a long to decide on what race to change him to. I literally looked at all the races. I kept switching between Miqo’te or Au’ra. But I thought a change would be good and place, Au’ra males look freaking awesome!! I guess its because they are so tall and well built that attracts LOL

Last night, Rina (Jak’s Mrs) changed into an Au’ra. Lets just hope she doesn’t get confused between having two Au’ra characters. Although she didn’t have to changed, they could have been a mixed race couple. Going against the norms and all that.


Although I say I don’t use fantasia often… this post kind of contradicts it a little. I guess as I have more than character it feels like a lot less. But I like how you can change your character though. It adds to the change of mood and if there is something you don’t like, you can always change it. Admittedly, I have a lot of character saved slots, but thats because I have all my retainers for all characters saved as well as the different versions of Runa and Jak just in case I want to change them back.

The only note I would say is: Don’t stay up to late playing the game. When I changed Runa to have dark skin, it was after midnight. I just fancied a change. However, Freah was also still up and then she kept looking at the things she wanted to change about her character. As she didn’t have much crysta on the Mog station, she drove to Lawson at like 3am to get crysta so she could change her character too. So the main rule: don’t stay up too late and do crazy stuff with money! LOL Even though it worked out for us as it was the weekend, it is not advised you do the same. But experiment with your character. Just because you started as a simple basic character, it doesn’t mean you have to stay that way.

Enjoy messing about your character with Fantasia!

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