Foreigner problems

As you know, I am a Britsh gal living in Japan and that is why I play on a Japanese server. But now I am wondering wtf I was thinking.

At first I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn Japanese and make friends. The friends I have made have been through Freah and yet I have more English speaking friends than Japanese speaking friends. So I don’t use Japanese much.

The Japanese I have used is mostly in macros. When Japanese people spoke to me, they would use some English. Yet recently the amount of talking that I do with others is rather low. It was one of the reason I left KV FC. I found it hard to talk to people. I know others are busy, so I wont interrupt them, which lead to having very little conversations with other fc members.

Ok, so the thought of switching servers has crossed my mind. But I have not exactly met the nicest of English speakers in cross world dungeons. The ones I have met we haven’t spoken in a while lol.

I guess I am just looking for more friends in the game who are talkative and wanna go places together… just gotta find them!

4 Replies to “Foreigner problems”

  1. Kotsu says:

    Yo! Not sure if it makes complete sense to hop over to a NA datacenter because of timezones, but I play on Diabolos with a bunch of friendly people and a few of them are Thailand/Japan/Australia based so there’s at least a few people on the same schedule. LMK if you want to make an alt to check it out!

    -Kotsu from AOSTs

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    • crzygal86 says:

      Long time no speak, Kotsu! Ahh I don’t know many people on that server. I hope the lag spikes won’t be too much of an issue… I only know the Masamune server has a lot of English speakers, as I have a few cross-world friends from there.

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      • kotsux says:

        Latency can be an issue but a few of our international friends raid and are still able to do stuff. Maybe give it a try and see if it’s tolerable? :p

        I’d add you cross-server if I could but I think you have to be on the same datacenter (Primal) unfortunately :(.


  2. […] know back in February I posted Foreigner Problems, where I was contemplating changing servers because I am finding it hard to find people to play […]


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