As you know, I am a Britsh gal living in Japan and that is why I play on a Japanese server. But now I am wondering wtf I was thinking.

At first I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn Japanese and make friends. The friends I have made have been through Freah and yet I have more English speaking friends than Japanese speaking friends. So I don’t use Japanese much.

The Japanese I have used is mostly in macros. When Japanese people spoke to me, they would use some English. Yet recently the amount of talking that I do with others is rather low. It was one of the reason I left KV FC. I found it hard to talk to people. I know others are busy, so I wont interrupt them, which lead to having very little conversations with other fc members.

Ok, so the thought of switching servers has crossed my mind. But I have not exactly met the nicest of English speakers in cross world dungeons. The ones I have met we haven’t spoken in a while lol.

I guess I am just looking for more friends in the game who are talkative and wanna go places together… just gotta find them!


  1. Yo! Not sure if it makes complete sense to hop over to a NA datacenter because of timezones, but I play on Diabolos with a bunch of friendly people and a few of them are Thailand/Japan/Australia based so there’s at least a few people on the same schedule. LMK if you want to make an alt to check it out!

    -Kotsu from AOSTs

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    • Long time no speak, Kotsu! Ahh I don’t know many people on that server. I hope the lag spikes won’t be too much of an issue… I only know the Masamune server has a lot of English speakers, as I have a few cross-world friends from there.

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      • Latency can be an issue but a few of our international friends raid and are still able to do stuff. Maybe give it a try and see if it’s tolerable? :p

        I’d add you cross-server if I could but I think you have to be on the same datacenter (Primal) unfortunately :(.


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