One week after we bought the FC house, things have been going really well. We have been able to furnish the house inside and out. We were lucky that Freah and I collected a lot of things from our retainers. We only ended up buying a few things, although I did buy some things from the mog station. As we both have high level crafters with our main characters, we were able to make some of the items too.



Keeping with the style of the area, we wanted to keep a Japanese theme. Looking at the pictures it looks very colourful. Freah made the Onsen for the garden, is soooo pretty. I made the large pond, it was easier to make than I thought it was going to be. I also bought the Sakura trees with the mat and Umbrella from the Mog Station. But they are perfect for the house.  We wanted to create a space were we could have a lot of photo shoots with our characters because we take a lot of SS, so much so that I need to free up space on my HDD soon LOL.

There is a chocobo stable for members to stable and train their chocobos. As long as you don’t forget they are in there and try to summon them, only to get annoyed that it isn’t working….. can you tell I have done this a few times >.<


Ground Floor


The main floor is the communal area where we hope to have meetings in the future. Also you can take advantage of the servant, material supplier, junk monger, materia melder, the mender and the summoning bell. There is a Company Chest, but as this moment in time, it is only accessible if you are Ranked King, Queen and Jack. Otherwise, members just chill, eat some food and chat whenever they want in the FC house.


First floor


Upstairs has a rather interesting setup LOL. I thought we would try to create lovey dovey Love hotel style room upstairs. It was really just a funny idea to use the bed and chair from the Mog Station that I also bought.

In contrast, there is also a library upstairs so people just sit, maybe fall asleep or just curl up to a good book.




Downstairs is the only floor which is yet to be completed. We are still trying to figure out how to actually set up the rooms. But there is a stage area for Bards who wish to practice performing.

We are going to finish off the bathroom area soon. We just need to get the bath tub we want and any other bits and pieces to help make it more homely.


Future plans:

We are hoping to soon buy a few rooms within the FC and turn them into a Photo studio and some crafting rooms which will be filled with the crafting benches/tables/furnaces as possible, so you can get that extra CP while crafting inside with access to a material supplier and a Junk monger.




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