先月、私と友達がFCを始めました。私たちは1ヶ月で17百万ギルを貯めた、でもリナちゃんは10百万ギルを貯めた、すごいだね!先週でFCはランク6 になったから、昨日はジャックはFCハウスを買った〜!イエエエエイ~! 最近で、ルナちゃんとちゃおたんは家具を集めた、えと、私たちのリテイナーが私たちために集めた笑



So over the past month we have been busy preparing for making an FC for our sub characters. The three of us play a lot together and as we all have sub characters, it seems like a good thing to do. So after making the FC after talking about it a lot, we went a head to work on ranking it up in preparation for buying an FC house so we have a place where we can all hang out and above all, we wanted to do the exploratory missions to help get the rare items needed to make things.

We had talked about making an FC back in November, so we had other things to do. Rina and Jak always do a lot together (they are married after all LOL). Our friend Calvin and Dan always join us and we are helping him get used to dungeons and trials. So it seemed like a logical step. Although, we needed more members to join, Emi and Oroan joined the FC to help with members. So that brought the member total up to 5.

I hope to do a lot more as an FC so we can help get used to the game and we plan to go to Extreme dungeons together. We also plan to do events as an FC to enjoy playing the game a lot more.


So please look out for more posts about the FC (^.^)//

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