I know I wrote about how BLM is my main and I enjoy playing it. But recently, I have also being playing a lot as a Red Mage and Astrologian. So much I am thinking of changing my sub classes to just RDM and AST (With Paladin).

I know I am definitely getting better as an Astrologian. I can feel comfortable going to all level dungeons and not panicking about what skills to do. I feel happier playing this than as a WHM. After playing it for Stormblood, I found it too difficult to get used to the new skills. I know I only levelled up astrologian recently. But I did do summoner and Scholar before also. Yet, after getting my head around the cards, which threw me off before.

On the other hand, Red Mage also threw me off when I started playing it when Stormblood came out, being the black and Mana gauge that threw a spanner in the works. Yet when aiming for the title ‘Goddess of Magic’, I found out where I was going wrong. Even though I might not be the best RDM, I understand what to do and I like being able to raise and cure people if the healers are having trouble. But I like how it has two different stances to help change things up. It keeps me on my toes, so to speak.

I am not saying I am going to stop playing my other lv70 classes.

If you have been following my twitter, you will notice that I have been levelling up my Sub Character, Jak, who is a Paladin. Again, I might have moments when I am not doing well as a Tank, but after having completed Susano, Lak Shmi, and Shinryu (all on Normal), my confidence has increased as a tank. Although, there are some instances where I have been annoyed as DPS not hitting what I am attacking and having to use flash more than the openers, I still know where to pull the enemies. I would like to be able to do the same with Runa, but I have time to practice.

I will give myself time to practice my other lv70 classes, as well as levelling up my bard, so I can have a ranged DPS to add to my collection hahaha

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