So on Saturday, I finally got the Yafaemi Jacket of Healing after going to the Weeping City of Mhach at least 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks <(>.<)>

I only noticed the top while I was looking through the glamour sets at Eorzea Collection, I was looking for new ideas for my healers and casters. I saw the jacket for the healer shown a lot and I wanted to have it, so I went as many times as I could.

To finish my healers outfit, I also want to get the Skallic Necklace of Healing, Its one of the rare necklaces that doesn’t look bulky around the neck. It would finish off the outfit perfectly.

Apart from the Jacket for healers, I also found Plague Bringer’s Coat for casters, I really like the jackets/coats which are longer at the back than the front. Its just hard to find. I have been trying to get this coat for a while also. Yet I have never seen it drop from Saint Mocianne’s often enough. I tried going to Pharos Sirius, but as I went on my own, it was too hard. When I went with a light party, it still didn’t drop. But I am not giving up any time soon. I really want to get the coats so I can glamour the outfits properly.

In addition to all the clothing, I want to collect the minions I have yet to get. I was lucky enough to get the minion from Saint Mocianne’s, Now I need the minon from Mhach and Skalla. So I will still be going to these dungeons, if anyone wants to join me, please do (^.^)//


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