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On 20th January 2017, after having to leave my PS4 on overnight to install one game, Freah Ufufy and I started a 14 day trial of an MMO that was available on the Playstation store. We were originally just looking for another game we could play together. Overwatch is great to play, but the wait time to find a match sucks. I was still trying to complete Final Fantasy XV (Which I still haven’t fully completed). Yet we wanted to play together.

After a long battle with the downloading and finding the right time to start, that weekend, we both logged on and created our characters for Final Fantasy XIV.

Runa Hyun 2017/01/23 21:53:53

Freah and Runa, Level 11 White Mages on the company Chocobos

Freah (a Lalafell) and Runa (A Hyur) joined the Belias server, as it was at the top of the list. The plus side of having a friend with you is that we could help each other out if needed. But the downside is that low level dungeons require only 1 healer, so we couldn’t help each out there.

On 1st February, when our free trial was almost over, we thought we would try it for a month. Just to see how it is after the trials and to experience all of the things we couldn’t while we were on the trial.

Of course we kept our subscription going, and for Freah, she found a new FC that took her to lot of dungeons over and over again to help her practice the mechanics. I continued to wonder around, I joined an FC, but I felt like the language barrier was too much and we didn’t do too much together, so I left. I was then asked to join another FC but once again, after a few weeks of only doing fates together and getting a few minions, I was asked by the Master of Freah’s FC if I wanted to join their FC because they heard bad rumours about the one I was currently with. So I thought about it and said I would join.

Runa Hyun 2017/03/14 22:46:50

On 14th March, I joined K.V. FC

I was finally able to have help getting to dungeons that I had not been to yet and complete harder raids and trials, which were for a full party. In addition, I was finally able to complete the A Realm Reborn and Heavensward with their help as a Healer. Although I still have a few left to complete (Nidhoggs Rage, Thordans Rage, Containment Bay P1T6 (Extreme), Containment Bay Z1T9 (Extreme) and Alexander on Savage). From there I began to level up after classes to be more versatile.

Then on 28th July, I made my sub character, Jak (Please see Jak’s Story).

Jak Hyun 2017/07/31 02:15:18

He has been helpful in learning more about Paladin again, but I am still not fully confident in playing as a Paladin to go to High level trials and raids. Making a sub character was the result of staying up load and then deciding that I needed more ways of making money to help buy things for my main character.

Soon after, during summer vacation, I also decided to change my main character from a hyur….

Runa Hyun 2017/06/25 05:19:25

to a Miqo’te~! I wanted to try a cuter character to try something different.

Over the past 6 months I have been working getting more classes to level 70.

Now with 10 different classes and jobs at 70. I like to slowly work towards levelling all classes up, but I am not planning to do so any time soon.

Now 1 year later, I have not only made another new character, Emi Kawa, but my close friends and I made our own sub character FC so we can do more voyages and get a lot more money with the possibility of buying an FC house.

Either way, after playing a trial version, we just stuck with it and went on renew our subscription. Who knows how many more months we will play.

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