I know in How to DPS, I talked briefly about your rotations and then I spoke about helping party members in How To DPS Pt2. Now I want to focus on rotations.

I won’t be going over each class rotation because I don’t have every class and that is a lot of information, which will be better suited for specific class guides. So this will just be general information with some examples from certain classes.

1. Hotbars

Personally, I like to edit my hotbars so rather than it in order of getting skills, I prefer to have them arranged so its easier to do combos for my classes. This is extremely helpful if you are playing as a DPS when you are mostly attacking and have multiple combos that appear.

BLM Hotbar

Also, its a good idea to re-arrange your hotbar so, for example; if you are a class that has healing abilities and attack abilities, its better to change the hotbar so that one set has healing skills and another set has attack skills. This way it will work as different stance that is easier to change from a set compared to having to find where the different skills are.

Above all else, if you have multiple classes who have similar skills, place the skills in the same position on the hotbar. This is not only make it easier to find skills, but it will also help with muscle memory. Making it faster for you to cast your skills when in need. For me, as a Goddess of magic, all of classes, except Black Mage, have the ability to raise party members. Each class has their “raise” skill in the same place on the hotbar. Its so handy and I am sure most players who have similar classes do the same (well I hope so anyway).

2. Actions

When it comes to the important classes of Tanks and healers, as we you level them up, the best thing to do is go to the Character menu > Actions to read up on what each skill does. I do recommend that for these two groups of classes that you level up by going to dungeons, guildhests, dungeons and going to DD/PotD. If you use a jumping potion on a fresh new character, you are not going to cause a lot of problems for other party members. By all means, use a jumping potion of a sub character, that’s what I did.

Now for each class there are certain rotations that utilise all of your combos to ensure that you do as much damage as possible. For some classes, such as Monk, they have an opener rotation, which is great for boss fights that helps gives fellow party members boosts soon after they start fighting.

Where as Black Mages have a set rotation where there are not combo’s given. I had to study the rotations at different levels but once you get used to your hotbar settings, you can just press the right buttons at the right time while carefully watching your gauge.  But they still have a many rotation and then a AoE rotation of AoE skills when dealing with a group of enemies.

Also, as a paladin, there are some combo which are more situational rather. Of course there is the provoking skills which very depending on the number of enemies. Then there are your main combos of; hate, damage, Dot, Healing and Magic.

The more you practice/play the class you are working on, the more familiar you will be with their skills and you can be more comfortable playing them.

3. Rotations

Once you have learnt your combos and understand your skills, its best to practice your rotations. I had a lot of help with FC members who have helped me study my rotations for classes. Yet they couldn’t help me with all the classes, which has led me to researching online what is the best rotation for a class and its helped a great deal. I know that finding information about the rotation to be a great base, but you have to practice, go to a Striking Dummy and just practice. You will find it frustrating at first to get used to what to do, but don’t let it get you down. I had a lot of practice at my FC striking dummy before going to dungeons. Also, you can go to the “Sky, Earth and Sea” area in The Hinterlands or Fringes. This is a great place to see how well you are doing with your rotation to see if you can kill the striking dummy within 3 minutes at the level of the extreme Trial you are aiming for. Although for me,  it proved to be difficult to get it right to do Susano Extreme as a BLM, but I never gave up and even though I haven’t been back to Susano Extreme since I completed it. But I will be back soon to see what other weapons drop for my other classes.

4. Dungeons

This is for everyone; LEARN YOUR DUNGEONS!

I know there are a lot available to go to, and just going to Levelling Roulette is good-an-all, but its not going to help you remember what to do during each boss fight and you won’t be able to remember what to do during certain markers or AoEs.  I honestly can’t tell you how many times I have been to all the dungeons because I have levelled up 8 classes of War and Magic. To help level them up, I constantly went back to the dungeons of that level until I unlocked the next higher level dungeon.

I even went as far as making notes about key points of boss fights for each dungeon, just to help keep things fresh and to have something nearby to refer to.

5. Trials and Raids

If you want to learn about boss attacks and getting use to different markers. Its perfect to practice playing the game overall. Once you start going to trials, you can start to notice patterns and how to avoid certain attacks, and as you go to higher level trials, you can build on what you have learnt. It will also help build you up to go to Extreme Trials and Savage Raids.

I know for trails, the Hard and Extreme levels can differ a great deal from the Normal level. But be sure to study if you can. I had help from watching Youtube videos by Mr Happy1227, who gives a lot of details on the Trials and Raids. It was good for me to make notes from his videos to help me to understand the gimmicks/mechanics of the Trial/Raid. So don’t be shy to use Google and find guides to help you progress.


The main thing that will really help you is if you just practice and practice your class. If you are like me, I wanted to get use to my Main class skills and constantly going to dungeons, finding the best standing place, learning the limitations of the role and observing my party members helped me a great deal to where I can comfortably say that I understand the game.

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