How To DPS Pt2

This is a continuation from how to DPS

Last time I spoke about the basics to being a DPS. Now there is a lot to cover and this time I want to talk about it in more detail….


If there is one thing I have noticed while playing this game, its that there are a lot different situations where things will be different, its all about judging what to do and getting time close to just right.

Its hard to say this is exactly how to play. Everyone has a different playing style and do things differently (and use different versions of macros (for extreme dungeons) that others). Its best to try and follow your party and observe what they do.

1. Your Party

Now I know last time I talked about knowing your role, but now its time to look at your party list. If you are new to this game, then you might not be familiar to other roles, but for those who have played other roles, you should be able yo understand the limitations of the roles as well as the placements. For example:

  • classes who use TP(melee and Machinists)
  • classes who use MP (healers, casters and ranged)
  • classes who can restore their MP quickly (casters: especially Summoner and Black mage who restore their MP in their rotation)
  • classes who don’t have the time to restore their MP (healers: especially if members are dying too easily)
  • classes who use both MP and TP (tanks and Red Mage)

If you can remember this, its easier to understand how to help your time. For me, if I play a caster, I will mana shift to the healer who raised me or if they seem to be almost hitting 30% MP. Even though they have the role ability of ‘Lucid Dreaming’, most don’t have it because they would rather have cleric stance. In addition, if I play as a summoner, I will help raise so the healer doesn’t have to keep using MP, which I can restore more easily.

Its the little things that will help other party members and make it easier on your poor healer who can be easily panicked, well I panic at least.

Now its not just casters who can help other members out, as a Paladin I tend to help out my healer (even annoying them at times) but healing myself. Again, a good paladin can restore MP and TP if they know the rotations. But it doesnt stop with only healing. If a party member can cast shields on the full party, then do it!!! Nothing beats that bit of extra protection.

2. Mechanics

If you are new or have only been playing for a short period of time, then be sure to pay attention to the mechanics at dungeons. You will find that there are some things similar about how the boss moves and attacks. As long as you watch for the markers, it will help you find the right place to stand.

Markers such as:

  • Circle AoE: Circle Area of Effect. This is usually a small circular area which can be marked around a targeted play or not.
  • Cone AoE: Cone Area of effect. This is usually an AoE that the boss will shoot in an direction but it can be in any direction.
  • Line AoE: Line Area of Effect. This is the same as above, but it is a line that can either stand between the boss to a marked player or it can be a line from one side of the arena to the other.
  • Donut AoE: Donut Area of Effect. This kind of AoE is rarely seen but a boss will place a donut AoE around itself, however the area closest to them is clear, so you will have go to the boss to avoid being hit.
  • Bomb AoE: Bomb Area of Effect. This again, is rarely seen in low level dungeons, but one player is marked with marker and must run away from the party as much as they can and then run back to avoid getting hurt.
  • Split AoE: Split Area of Effect. Again, seen in higher level dungeons and raids. This is a marker where arrows flash around one player. This is where all party members must stack with the member to help share the damage or they will do.
  • Point Markers: these are usually colour markers that appear above a players head. The kind of attack varies depending on which dungeon you are at. Common colours are Orange, Purple, Red and Green.

Even for me, remembering all of the dungeon mechanics can be hard. I even have a note book with notes about dungeon bosses, Extreme trials, Class rotations and what category of items my retainers have. All I am saying is that although is hard to remember everything, just do your best to try to remember this.

3. Limit Breaks

This is something that was brought to my attention recently… there is an unspoken rule when it comes to limit breaks. There is an order on who should do the LB depending on the situation and members of the party.

The rule is… the person who should do the final limit break is :

1, Melee: They use a point blank AoE and are very good for damage. Thus they are the best choice to do the limit break during the boss fights.
2, Ranged: They use a line AoE and are good for a burst of damage but the area covered is not ideal.
3, Casters: They use a Circle AoE and is best for covering a large area. However this is not really useful during a big boss battle, but it can be used if a tank has pulled a lot to one point… if they are given a lot of notice.
4, Healers: This is a room wide LB where, if it is a full party LB, they will raise all party members. This is really useful in hard or extreme dungeons where they need a full party to complete the dungeon but most have died.

So for who should do the LB, Melee is the first priority, if there is no melee, then its a ranged DPS, and then if there is no melee or ranged…. its the casters.


Now this can be really tricky as a noob. So its probably best to let advanced members do the limit break so you can mentally observe when is best to LB. I do personally have a guide I use to help with the timing. If you look at the target bar:

I had forgotten to mention that the LB are split into 3 bars. For low level bosses, you get only 1 bar. For Boss fights, you will get 2 bars. Finally, for a full party Boss fight, you will get 3 bars. This just means, if you use the In the updated image, I have marked 3 points roughly where I think the LB’s should be.

Runa Hyun 2017/11/25 19:44:53

The bar should give you a rough guide as to where the LB should be casted. If you have already reached the red area, that’s ideally where the 1 LB should be. But the clear area is where a 3 LB should be. I am sorry if the image is still unclear, but if you want, you can always confirm with a member of your party when is best to do the LB before the fight starts, if its possible.

If you don’t have the percentage on the bar, I suggest you do. But if you get the bosses HP down to the first character in their name, then you can use 1LB. This should mean that the percentage is around 10%. For a 2 LB or 3 LB, It should be around 20%-30%, If you think of 10% for each LB bar, then that will help you, This is only a rough guide. LBs just gives you the extra damage you need to kill the boss before it enrages. Anything lower I have guide is pointless and a waste of LB.

Note: When it comes to Extreme trials, you will find that someone has used the LB as soon as it appears during the middle of the fight. Its just because they don’t understand, its because they giving it an extra push if the group is not near a recommended percentage during a certain phase in a fight. You will work your way back up to 2 or 3 towards the end of the fight.

4. Observations

This is more about for outside of dungeons, as well as being inside. But take a few seconds to watch what your party does.

Scenario 1:
I know that there are some players who are too use to doing solo duties and go in head blazing and attack everything, yet they have totally ignored the fact that there is a tank who probably wants to to die to prove a point of that you are being a jackass!

Scenario 2:
You are in a party yet, for whatever strange reason, you look at your party list and you totally notice that your healer’s HP is decreasing a lot. But instead of taking the add’s attention, you just carry on attacking what you have selected… and then your healer dies.

Now you may think that this is clearly about when being a dungeon, but why does this not apply when doing a fate or when doing hunt marks???? I personally think that its still important to try and do what you would do in a dungeon if you are level synced! Playing lower levels while having all high level abilities unavailable is troublesome, but it also means that everyone is limited to what they can do. So just be cautious about what you do.

I know many people go to DD(Palace of the dead… I play on a Japanese server and I use Japanese terms!!) and I know that floors 1-50 are basically a free-for-all. Just attack and level up unless its Boss Time, then I will go into dungeon mode. Yet, when it comes to DD floors 51+, if you go off on your own and everyone else who went off together, they will just let you die and will find a way to raise you (or as my friends and I say… Its DB (DragonBall) Time!) eventually……

What I am trying to say is to just watch out for the people you are with, you might be playing with friends, you might be trying out a new class, or you might be with people you don’t know. But if you all work together, things are going to work a lot smoother and quicker. If one person is being that jerk that everyone hates, then karma will come along and bite them in the ass. But it will obviously cause a lot of problems.

For example, recently I went to Tam-Tara with a friend who was trying DRK for the first time in a dungeon. But sadly, there was one Healer, who took it upon themselves to attack first and them run back to the party. I am sorry but that my friend, is showing how to be the WORST HEALER. If your tank is having problems and is not doing things you think they should be doing, then be kind and just follow them and be supportive. I know I should have kicked them, I wanted them to see that what they are doing is not okay! I was frustrated but I didn’t know how to say it was the tanks first time here and I didn’t know how to word what I wanted to say in Japanese. I know there is the auto-translate option but I just had the urge to shout in English and let them know they are being a jerk. When the dungeon was over, they then called my friend a”troll tank” (in English). So I went defensive and replied in English saying it was his first time and he made it harder for him. They didn’t reply but stood there for a while before leaving. It was a horrible situation and we had a noob bard who towards the end, slowly walked with us while the WHM ran off. Its hard to deal with people like that and although it doesn’t happen often, it sucks when it does.

So observe your party members no matter where you are, if you can give advice, then do so, if you want to be a jerk, then I will start to kick your ass for harassment.

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