If there is one thing that erks me the most, its when people start typing japanese instructions to me and expect me to understand.

There is always that one person who starts posting stuff in the chat and its always the some person and its the eay they say it that pisses me off. I can get on with a lot of people but there is one kind of person I just can’t get along with. Yeah I can fight back if its in English, but when its written in Japanese…. its going to take me a long time to read it and translate. If you want to be helpful, use the bloody auto-translate. Make it easier for me to understand. If I can try my best to learn your language, then learn mine too. It works both ways.

While I am ranting….

If you are a healer of the group, then how about actually healing. I might have changed to a blm main instead of a healer, but I now have a scholar and white mage to lv 70 and I have been working on my astrologian. Its not exactly rocket science, but if you are a heale – the fucking heal!! I have seen many healers who want to DPS while party members have little health and then only do cure III and not bother healing them to full health. Also, I have seen a white mage give a player regan in stead of actually healing. I got given regan when I was an astrologian, too…. how does that work?????? I can heal myself, just let me restore my mp first.

I just hate it when people in my fc assume I cant heal…. dude!!! I have three classes of healers… I get commendations (if the party members are not ignorant assholes)… I can feaking heal. I don’t go into DPS mode during important boss fights, I heal and only heal, unless I put DoTs on when everyone is at full health. Yet I was given only one chance and apparently I wasn’t good enough. What the hell did I do wrong??? I was healing tanks as a priority and group healing when needed… so why did you switch me for a guy who mostly broils during the fight????

So back to the topic question…

Is it time to…. leave the fc??

I just seem to find many things that are starting to bug me rather than make me want to stay. Maybe I am just not an FC member person. Or maybe I should stop playing the game completely…

So many things to concider…..

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