Why I like Black Mage….

Lets face it… Its not an important class, there isn’t anything totally amazing about it, the gear isn’t that spectacular… So why do I like playing as a Black Mage?

Those who have ready my entries will have read about my background as a BLM and why I started it (see Runa’s Story), but the real reason is another story.

It was back in March/April when I decided to try to play a different class. But that was after I recommended to play as a Thaumaturge when I was having problems as a WHM in cutter’s cry and people there were confusing me, trying to tell me what to do and telling me to change servers… well I did make a character on a different server but deleted it lol.

Anyway, I wanted to try something for challenging that a White Mage and that could do more damage. So I thought “What the hell, lets give it a go!”.

But in all honesty…. I SUCKED!!

I was trying to use the skill I had recently learnt more than other skills, but its totally wrong. I was just lucky enough to have FC members who were willing to help tell me which skills to use and to try and translate them into English. It seriously helped!

If I wanted a challenging skill class, this was it. To be the best BLM, you have to learn the skill rotations for each main level. This was an up-hill struggle at first (for each of the rotations) because it gets more complex and you have to keep tabs on your gauge!

(Now I won’t be talking about how to be a BLM, because personally, I don’t feel I am the best person to tell you how. However, I might change my mind later on.)

Once you’ve mastered the rotations and you can do as much damage as possible, you get a great sense of accomplishment! BLM was my first DPS class and it is my main class, I can comfortable play as a BLM and not panic that I am doing something majorly wrong. Although, I wish people would politely tell me if I am doing something wrong and not just kick me for still being in a practice stage and getting used to things. But that’s what I get when playing with English speakers, they can be so bloody brutal.

The only downside to being a BLM is the cast time, but as someone who has been playing this class since March/April, I won’t be changing my main any time soon! The cast time doesn’t bother me, I’ve gotten used to it. I need to figure out where is best to stand and cast my lay lines and then into attack mode I go! Its fun to watch the enemies health go down a lot after I have gone through my rotation once, and as I can keep going with the rotation, after a lot of practice, I can clear high level dungeons.

Recently I have been trying to clear all the Omega on savage, but I have only completed 1 and 2. I have gone back a few weeks in a row and its great to complete them within 30mins. Again, its the sense of achievement of being to clear a dungeon as a high level without panicking of what to do, where to stand or what skill to use that makes its fun to play.

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