My favourite time of the year is here!


Its the time of the year where we can enjoying wearing costumes, eating a lot of pumpkins and, of course, scaring the crap out of people. If I am honest, I love the idea of the supernatural. If humans exist, why can’t other things?? Some might think of it as stories to scare children. It kind of did when I was a child. But I grew to love it . The dark is were I feel relaxed (unless a cockroach comes in from behind me AC).

And when it comes to games, its the Halloween skins that I am after!! I have outfits for FFXIV and most for Overwatch. Its a bonus with the decorations in FFXIV that make it more fun and makes me a little happy, well my gothic side is.

All I need to do is get my Halloween costume for my HS lessons ready before next week. Well if my new dress arrives, then I just have to worry about my make-up.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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