So I think its time I kick my butt in gear and farm for higher item levels gear. I have managed to my casters to il323. But I need higher to be able to survive Omega 2 savage and above as my main.

But I really to help out more by upping my items for healers and my tank too. My Monk is kind of high but I feel I need to practice it more again to helpful to the big parties.

If I can farm for creation and deltascape items, I will be happy. But I need to up my Alchemist. I want to make potions that will be useful in dungeons. Atm, I can make mega potions, but infusions are more helpful for level 70 dungeons.

Hence the busy weekend. Lets just hope my headaches will let me do most of what I want. Thats what I get for having bad eye sight (>.<)

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