Omega 2 Savage

来日曜日と昨日で、オメガ2Sを練習した。でも、私はこれをとても難しいを思た。たくさんミスをした!誰もがすでにクリアしていたから、多分誰もが私に怒っていた。。。 本当にすみませんでした。m(__  __)m 私は私に怒っていた (>.<)


I have been trying my best to study this video a few times, but its different to actually the video and actually doing the raid. I know they say practice is perfect, but when you having to restart over and over because the mistakes that you keep making, its disheartening, frustrating and tiring.  I don’t know the overall time limit for each visit…  maybe its around 80 minuets. I ended up going twice and constantly having to restart. My eyesight is bad and I can get tired very easily when it comes to these long dungeons. So there were many times where I just wanted to up and leave but FC members and past FC members were in the party and I felt bad for them but I was get agitated very easily and my headache got worse.

If there is one move that is confusing its the 6 Fulms Under + Death Gaze, because in visits, most of the DPS and some healers all stack together to make way for the Antilight, which I can understand. Yet, for me personally, I feel for those learning, a leader of the DPS and a leader for tanks+healers should be given a marker so people who are new can see who to follow for when they should go up or stay down. I know that its probably the most easy thing of “it takes turns, so you should just know” but its a confusing raid for me where I am having to worry about Enochian, positioning and trying to do as much damage as possible to do more damage than a healer (because I got kicked from a dungeon for not doing so), etc. There is way too much to be thinking about for something I do to relax and not stress over.

I know that people want to clear it, and I would like to clear it asap so I can just get it over with, yet when I go I just want to try it twice and then leave before I start getting angry because I keep trying my best and I understand what to do, but I die. I should study it a lot more… But I can’t be bothered T___T

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