Changes to Veteran Rewards

I have to say, these rewards changes have made me feel a little disappointed. I know I have not spent years paying for the subscription for FFXIV, if there is one thing that will keep me playing is all the rewards I can get if I finish achievements and paying for subscriptions. Just last week I bought a 90 day subscription card and I got the Behemoth Warhorn mount and the Leader minions. YAAAY for me!!! I had waited a while for this mount and woohoo more minions.

I understand that need to edit and alter systems to improve some aspects of the game. But one thing I don’t understand is how few ranks there will be. Why did they lower it to only 4 ranks? I just reached rank 5. While I am able to get the attire that I am currently no where near getting, what is there to reward players who have stuck with the game for longer?? What thanks do they get for continuously paying the bill to play the game???Does this mean they are going to add more ranks latter on with another patch????

Admittedly, I was already annoyed that after all the work I did to obtain the Shire gear and Augmented Shire gear for my main classes. Plus with the addition of working on m Anima weapon, which I have still yet to complete. I was farming to scriptures for a very long time. So when they released Stormblood and got rid for scriptures and replaced them with the lower poetics system, I was so annoyed that I had worked so hard to see a friend finally reach level 60 during the summer get the gear at a much cheaper rate. I wasn’t expecting it to be achievable so easily compared to everything I did. However, with the farming of creation and getting Datalogs for my level 70 characters is keeping me busy. I know I shouldn’t complain as its just a higher level system compared to the shire gear.

The other new addition I am happy with because it make sense for having these points actually meaning something. A few months ago, I was talking to my friend about what are they actually for, it didn’t make sense to have something there and not doing anything with them. Although it will make it easier to get mounts, barding and minions that we were yet to get. Is there anything else we can get with these points????

I just feel like they need to do something more for Vets. Give them a free months subscription, give them more attire rewards!!!

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