6 horses日本語:


  • 全部エクストリームトライアルを練習する
  • ↳ 馬のマウントを集める





Last week I wrote in a post:

  • I want to practice all the Extreme Trials
  • ↳ I want to get the horse mounts

Last week, I want to the Extreme trials with two friends. It was good practice but sometimes I didn’t know the gimmicks so it was difficult.

On Sunday, my FC Master took Chao and I to the trails. We went [to the trails] a lot from 2pm to 8pm. Leviathan was the most difficult, I fell [off] many times. From 7pm, Master Shanpoo joined us. It was fun!

Next week, I want to get the bird mounts. Who wants to go with me???

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