The most repetitive levelling EVER!

So as you may know, I already have 4 classes at level 70 (don’t ask me how I even managed it). At the moment I am levelling my Scholar and Summoner to level 70. But since this new expansion was released, I have more high level classes than I did in Heavensward. Yet, I know its still new, but levelling sucks!

For those who have levelled up till the end of HWard, you know how easy it is to go to a dungeon, do fates and those wonderful levemetes to push the XP up. I managed to get SCH and SMN to level 52 before the SBlood release. It wasn’t as high as I wanted, but oh well, I tried!

However! Stornblood has yet to have levemetes for battle classes. Well, to my knowledge anyway. The only perk to SBlood is the fates with bonus XP rewards that pop-up. Some of them are great, but I think that there are too many big boss fights fates out there. Thats what I noticed when I was in the Ruby Sea yesterday.

At the weekend I thought I would only get my SCH&SMN to lv60, which is still pretty high, and then level up myDoH/DoL. But as I got to 60 on Saturday, on Sunday I thought I would see if I could possibly get up to 64/65. Oh how stupid was I!!

During the morning, I was lucky enough to do the levellung duty roulette as a healer: adventurer in need. Lucky me!! Plus it was good practice healing as a Scholar and not my old main of a White Mage. Its a challenge at first. But once you gey used to the timing and have a better understanding of your skills, its kind of fun.

Then once I had reached Lv61, my FC Sub-Master Shanpoo went with me to Sirensong twice. I went as my scholar as its quicker to find a party. Plus I know this dungeon so well as this is my 5/6th class doing this level, plus my second character has gone to this dungeon too as a Paladin.

After going twice as a SCH, I went twice as a SMN!!! Talk about going a lot in one morning! Around this point, I had reached a quarter of Lv62, YAAAAY!


I helped my friend, Chao, level up her weaver. I managed to get a bit of XP for my Alchemist and Goldsmith. As well as catching up on some Supernatural!!

Then to help finish off the day, I went to Sirensong for one more time, before doing the 50/60 roulette to reach lv63! I finished off the day by going to Baelsars Wall and doing my class quests.

Well thats not bad for a days work!! But its annoying how only going to dungeons helps you level up atm. By the time the levemetes come out, most of my classes won’t need it!!

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